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Drain Rooter - Drain Snake Clears Clogged and Slow

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Date posted: 30-Oct-2023

Condition: New

Why spend $75+ on a plumber for a simple clogged or slow running drain. Also, there is no need to mess with harsh chemicals. With the new Drain Rooter you can get to most clogs and remove them in minutes. The Drain Rooter is reusable and stores easily.

The Drain Rooter has a double loop finger pull for a secure grip. It is made of a flexible plastic and measures 18 inches long for those deep clogs. The wave design with triple barbs clears drains with more contact points. The barbs grab hair and other debris. It has a spiked tip to pierce through most clogs. The trap barb extends out to hook even more debris when bent in the trap.

While this is not a commercial grade plumbers snake, the Drain Rooter serves it's purpose for a fraction of the cost. It is perfect for reaching the trap, where most items settle and clogs form.

While this tool will not unclog every stopped up drain (especially with deeper clogs), you owe it to yourself to at least try the Drain Rooter before spending lots-o-bucks on a plumber.
The Drain rooter can also be used as preventive maintenance by snaking monthly, before clogs do form.



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